Real Estate Aerial Imagery
Hi! My name is Joel Penhorwood of Treasured Media LLC.

Based at the intersection of Logan, Union, and Champaign Counties, Treasured Media is a local communication creation and preservation company that I own and operate alongside my wife, Katie. We have a vested interest in the rural community in which we work and live and are proud to bring high-quality media creation that illuminates the beauty of the heartland.

I graduated in 2016 from the Ohio State University with a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Communication, and a minor in Aviation. I currently serve as the video manager for Ohio Ag Net and Ohio’s Country Journal, traveling the state of Ohio for a variety of agriculturally focused solutions in digital media as well as radio and print. Previously, I was the multimedia communications specialist for Select Sires Inc., bringing award-winning video coverage to the largest global A.I. cooperative. I have been flying drones professionally under FAA Part 107 since 2019. 

Aerial Video Montage Examples

*Indoor video tours are not made with drones


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I want to work with you. It’s no secret that we are entering into more of a buyer’s market than we have seen in year’s past. It’s more important now than ever before your listings take every opportunity to stand out from the pack. You already know how beautiful the property is. Now Treasured Media will help others know it too.

1. We fly with beautiful content in mind

While I hold a love for all things aviation and take great pride in my safe drone work that obeys all rules and regulations, when flying real estate video and photography shoots, I am first and foremost looking through the lens as a professional and creative communicator. Too often we see drone videos and photos that were shot with no mind for beauty. Now that everyone has access to a drone, your media needs to be more than something from up above, it needs to be a cut above. That’s why you’ll see Treasured Media drone work incorporate close-to-the-ground techniques and eye-level shots in addition to expansive aerial views and elegant editing.

2. Great pricing

We take pride in being advantageously priced so you can bring a quality, aerial perspective to make your real estate stand out without hurting the bottom line.

3. Fast turnaround

The world of real estate is ever-changing, and we know you need things in a timely manner. We are here to provide our services with quality and speed.

4. We work with you, not just for you

We are interested in you putting our media to use so you can make the sale and leave with a happy seller AND buyer. Have an idea that you know would help to make the end-product better? Let’s hear it!

We also know every situation is unique, whether the seller has ideas, wants to see the drone in action, would rather be away during the shoot, etc., we’ll work directly with whoever you wish to make it happen in an as easy-going way as possible.

Need help carrying the video across the finish line? We’re experienced in advising you on its use on social media and video hosting platforms.

5. Property lines, and more, added at no additional cost

It’s included in what we do! No nickel and diming over what you would expect to see in a well-delivered product. Our pricing sheet is simple, as it should be!

6. Get up early and stay late

We love sunrise and sunset (and here’s a secret – properties do too!). If you’re selling an area that benefits from the golden hours, we’ll be there.

7. This is our business, not our hobby

Hokie video transitions and bad editing isn’t in our wheelhouse. Quality communication is what I do each and every day and I put my business’ name proudly on each piece we put out.

8. Flexible scheduling

As a realtor, we know you need to pull some interesting hours to get the job done. We’re right there with you and are happy to schedule shoots at unique times during the week or weekends.

9. Close to home

We love this part of the world and want to help you show off its beauty because we live here too! Whether it be the southern Ohio hills or the plains of northwest Ohio, we know terrains and property vary in Ohio. Let’s use this to our advantage and make your final product like no other!

10. Award winning videography

My past video accolades include distinguished awards by the National Association of Farm Broadcasters and the Cooperative Communicators Association.


Versed in all areas of communication, Treasured Media is heavily experienced in the production and editing of video and audio, as well as the digitization of legacy media.